Eight months ago our employee responsible for our Secretary of State needs fell ill and was hospitalized.  Although he is on the way to recovery, his return to work is not imminent.  This left quite a void for our Company as no one else had experience in handling these matters.  My search for outside assistance led me to find your Company, Quik Filings and I cannot be more thankful and impressed by the service you have provided to MMC during this time.   Handling all our SOS annual reports, applications, and change of address required an extensive amount of time and was done quickly, professionally and accurately – not to mention at a very reasonable price!  I want to thank you for all your incredible work and look forward to continue to work with you in the future.  Lastly, I would not hesitate to recommend your Company to anyone who is looking to take a very difficult task and turn it into something that is handled smoothly and efficiently.   Your efforts are very much appreciated.


Dale Wirkus
Mortgage Management Consulting, Inc.