Annual Reports

Most states require corporations and LLC’s to file reports on an annual or biennial basis. If you don’t file them, your status in a state can go delinquent. When we represent you as your Registered Agent, we sent monthly reminders to you when these reports need to be filed. We also send the paper notices that the states send out to you since they go to your Registered Agent. This alleviates what you have to look out for in your own email or mailbox since you know it’ll come from us.

We also will file your annual reports for you for only $75 (plus the state fee). This way you know you will never have to worry about your status in the states you’re registered. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of this service.

Helpful Hint

Once your registration is completed, you want to stay in good standing! We can help you file your reports. Why do states require them? They like to see if your information on record hasn’t changed at all. See what else you need to do to remain in good standing.